Bank Statement Mortgages Ready to Serve the Under-Banked Self-Employed Borrower

What is a bank statement mortgage? Bank statement loans are non-qualified mortgages (non-QM), meaning that instead of relying on pay stubs, tax returns or W-2s to show proof of income, buyers can use other documentation to demonstrate their ability to repay the loan. In lieu of the traditional income-reporting documents required for qualified and/or other […]

Mortgage options for self-employed people

Self-employment is more than a trend. It’s a reality for 28% of the US population, or approximately 44 million individuals, who work for themselves. That number is rising.

How does a bank statement loan work?

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A bank statement loan is a mortgage for which the underwriter uses the borrower’s bank statements to verify and evaluate income. Here’s a closer look at what bank statement loans are and who they can benefit.

Mortgage options for landlords

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Owning a rental property is one way to build wealth or generate a stream of passive income. Financing for a rental property does not have to be constrained by the borrower’s income or other debt.

Who should get a Lite Doc loan?

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For brokers, knowing the best alt doc loan, stated income loan and no document loan options is the way to help more qualified borrowers remove obstacles to buying a home or investment property.