Can we do owner-occupied properties in the name of a Trust?

Yes. However, the property must be held in an Inter Vivos (Living) Revocable Trust. Irrevocable trusts are not permitted. We follow FNMA’s guidance regarding this topic. At least one of the Settlors/Trustors who established the trust must be on the Loan/Note and used to qualify. Trustee(s) may also credit qualify for the loan, so long […]

Can we do a loan under an LLC?

Yes. However, only Investment properties can be held under an entity name (Corp/Inc/LLC). The loan will be opened with the entity as the Borrower and the individual owning the entity as the Guarantor. All individuals with 25% or more ownership in the entity must guarantee the loan and provide an application. The Certification of Beneficial Owners of […]

What are the loan amount limits?

It will depend on the program type, loan purpose, FICO, and LTV. Generally, the minimum loan amount is $100,000 and the maximum loan amount is $3,000,000. Loan amounts must be in increments of $50.